Welcome to the Community of The Mystic Heart

a circle of interspiritual mystics and contemplativesoriginally envisioned as “The Universal Order of Sannyasa”by Brother Wayne Teasdale


The common heritage of humankind’s spiritual wisdom; the sharing of mystical resources across traditions; the intersubjective discussion about what humankind is experiencing; the movement of these discussions to the experience of Oneness.

CMH is about interspirituality

Visit our vast interspiritual resource THE INTERSPIRITUAL MULTIPLEX website, a completely free resource for understanding interspirituality worldwide:

The Multiplex was created by Bro. Wayne’s original ISDnA, the “Participating Communities” of the Order of Universal Interfaith (including CMH) and the interspiritual education programs at interfaith institutions like One Spirit Interfaith Seminary and Learning Alliance (see Communities and Links).

Brother Wayne Teasdale on

“It should be an interspiritual order….open to all people– men and women, married and single, young, middle-aged, and old, confused or clear, adherents or not, with faith or agnostic– united in their desire for a deeper, more meaningful life. This would be a truly universal society of sannyasa, an order that welcomes as members individuals from all the world’s religions and even from no tradition at all.

Bro. Wayne Teasdale (in The Mystic Heart: Discovering a Universal Spirituality in the World’s Religions)

CMH Education Pages

The Education Pages contain materials on Interspirituality, including pertinent quotations from Brother Wayne and other interspiritual leaders, used in educational activities conducted by the Community and its interspiritual partners. They are available HERE.
Why we Changed Our Name: Although “The Universal Order of Sannyasa” was the name used by Brother Wayne throughout his writings, we found that use of the term “Sannyasa” in a non-traditional sense caused discomfort for some traditional Sannyasa and, further, the term was unfamiliar, or seemed too exclusive, to others in the unfolding international interspiritual dialogue