Affiliated Communities

The Community of The Mystic Heart includes members from the affiliated communities featured below:

Since its mandate from the Dawn of Interspirituality Conference in 2013 (see,
has become the international umbrella for the Interspiritual Movement, carrying forward the interspiritual vision of Bro. Wayne Teasdale.


InterSpiritual Dialogue in Action


ISDnA is the worldwide “Wayne Teasdale network” established with Brother Wayne as InterSpiritual Dialogue (ISD, in the State of New York) in 2002. Brother Wayne coined the term “interspiritual” (in 1999) and ISDnA exists to serve the unfolding worldwide interspiritual vision. ISDnA particularly partners with One Spirit Interfaith Seminary and Learning Alliance ( in New York as an educational partner in this endeavor and with OUnI (and its other affiliates, see below) with regard to the Community of The Mystic Heart and the options for clerical ordination available through it.
Visit ISDnA at or the ISDnA InterSpiritual Multiplex at


The InterSpiritual Multiplex: A Guide and Directory to InterSpirituality Worldwide


The Multiplex is a non-commercial service effort of ISDnA & the Community of The Mystic Heart meant to direct attention to all aspects of the unfolding interspiritual phenomenon worldwide. These can be accessed as follows:


CMH at the Multiplex:


ISDnA at the Multiplex:


One Spirit at the Multiplex:


WCIC at the Multiplex:


CIC-USA at the Multiplex:

Spirituality and


one of the largest online communities for spirituality and practice worldwide and an Associate of the InterSpiritual Multiplex.

Visit Spirituality and Practice:


Visit Spirituality and Practice at the Multiplex:


Spiritual Paths

an interspiritual institute of associated spiritual teachers including Fr. Thomas Keating, Dr. Ed Bastian, Rabbi Rami Shapiro, Rev. Cynthia Bourgeault, Shaikh Kabir Helminski, Shaikha Camille Helminski, Swami Atmarupananda and colleagues (see

Visit Spiritual Paths:


Visit Spiritual Paths at the Multiplex:


Seminaries with Graduates in the Community of The Mystic Heart:


One Spirit Interfaith Seminary and Learning Alliance (New York City):

The New Seminary (New York City): and All Faiths Seminary International:


The Interfaith Seminary (Interfaith Foundation, U.K.):


International Academy of Interfaith Studies (Mexico):


Chaplaincy Institute for Arts and Interfaith Ministries (Berkeley, CA):


Union Theological Seminary (New York City):



with pledgees to CMH:

Intuitive Times Institute (Prince Edward Island, Canada):


East-West Interfaith Seminary (California):



Regional and Local Communities associated with the Community of The Mystic Heart

Associated Communities

As of 2011, the Community of the Mystic Heart has also moved to share its wider community, vision and mission with groups of persons able to live in varying degrees of experimental interspiritual community. These communities, like CMH, are members of, and associated with each other through, the Order of Universal Interfaith ( We welcome you to examine these communitie below.


The initial associated communities of 2011 co-created the Covenant concept with CMH and differ only in their being groups of individuals who have declared together, and formed, communities with their own group identities as appropriate to their heritages and paths. Members of CMH are free to participate with, or join, any of these communities. Reciprocally, members of these communities are free to join CMH as individual CMH members, in any of the four kinds of CMH membership. They may also utilize their Personal Covenant with CMH to further declare their visioning with one of the Associated Communities of the Community of The Mystic Heart and The Order of Universal Interfaith.


This is part of CMH’s effort to keep all of the Bro. Wayne “family” or “lineage” as united as possible on a shared path.


UNIVERALUS MONKS and UNIVERSALUS INTER-SPIRITUAL COMMUNITY, led by Rev. Ed Geraty. a member of Community of The Mystic Heart.
http://www.universalusmonks.orgTHE PEOPLE’S MONASTERY and the ORDER OF THE PEOPLE’S MONKS, led by Rev. Dyron Holmes, a member of the Community of The Mystic Heart.
http://www.peoplesmonastery.orgHAB, an interspiritual youth community led by Adam Bucko, a member of the Community of The Mystic Heart.