Founding Event and other Recent Induction Ceremonies

January 9, 2010

Seventy Founders, from Five Continents, Joined on January 9, 2010 to Found the “Universal Order of Sannyasa” as originally envisioned by Bro. Wayne Teasdale
See Materials on the CMH Founding Events throughout our website


but below are some additions for January 9, 2010 (Washington), June 20, 2010 (New York City), July 17, 2010 (London), September 25, 2010 (Sedona) and November 6, 2011 (New York City)




Founders Circle, Procession, Alyson Davis recognition, Huston Smith recognition,


Messages and Celebration, Consecration and Founding of the Order


January 9, 2010, Founders Program



Words from Bro. Wayne, Pachakuti Mesa Holding Well-Wisher’s Messages, Recognition of Fr. Thomas Keating


June 20, 2010

Second Induction Ceremony

Integral Yoga Institute, New York City
On June 20, 2010 the Community of The Mystic Heart gathered at Integral Yoga Institute in New York City for its second Induction Ceremony. Nearly seventy new persons joined the CMH on that day. The ceremony was highlighted by words and messages from friends and colleague of Brother Wayne and a central message by Swami Ramananda of Integral Yoga. This time there were teams of ceremonialists, led by Dorothy Cunha, including a co-ceremonialist from Integral Yoga, Robert Levine, and CMH member T.S. Pennington, Tim Miner, Jean Leone and Kurt Johnson



Swami Ramananda spoke on Interspirituality as understood by the Integral Yoga Yantra (right)


We welcome all the new members listed below:



Photos from the ceremony: bottom, ceremonalists Dorothy Cunha and Robert Levine open the ceremonial space; above left, two teams of officiants prepare the elements for the “Transmission” ceremony; above, right, half of the attendees gather for the Tranmission ceremony followed by another group of similar size



Photos from the ceremony: practitoners of many spiritual paths are welcomed


July 17, 2010

Third Induction Ceremony

Interfaith Foundation U.K., London


On July 17, 2010 the Community of The Mystic Heart gathered as part of the Commencement Ceremonies at London’s Interfaith Seminary to also provide induction into the Community of The Mystic Heart. Fifteen new members, many familiar to us from our years of cooperative interfaith work, joing our community and will now steer their course as a regional and international community.


We look forward to this fellowship and watching it further unfold. London seminary leaders Kate Atchley, Peter Dewey, John Mason and Nicola Coombe led the event with Kate Atchley assisting in the Tranmission ceremony.


New Members Gather After London Induction


September 25, 2010

Fourth Induction Ceremony

Sanctuary of the Companions (a House of OUnI)

Sedona, Arizona

On September 25, 2010 the Community of The Mystic Heart gathered as part of the combined ceremonies of the Order of Universal Interfaith and the founding of integral Spirituality Nexus at a newly dedicated house of the Order of Universal Interfaith, the Sanctuary of the Companions, located in the beautiful valley of Sedona, Arizona.


Hosted by Sanctuary host Dr. Julie Williams, and gifted by words from Sedona interfaith leaders Rev. Richard Hooper and Rev. Barbara Mayer, along with visiting interfaith leaders Rabbi Rami Shapiro and Robert Perry, twenty-seven new members joined our community and celebrated the founding of the Sanctuary and “integral Spirituality Nexus” (a new Participating Community of OUnI centering on the Integral teachings of philsopher Ken Wilber).


Rev. Tim Miner OUnI CMH described the event in these words which appeared in CMH’s newsletter of that same month:


As the sun finally set in a Southwestern sky in Sedona, Arizona, on Saturday, September 25th, the closing ceremony ended to complete the welcome of new clergy and lay members to the ‘OUnI family’ including the Community of The Mystic Heart. New CMH members traveled from both coasts, from as far away as California, New Jersey, and Washington, D.C., to take the nine vows in person. Five new members were from the Sedona community. At that time new members who entered the CMH in abstentia were participating in their own self-ceremonies located in places as far away as New York, Florida, California and Toronto, Canada. All together twenty-six new members said the nine vows for the first time that day.


The ceremonies took place at the “Sanctuary of the Companions,” a new “House of the Order,” which was a former Tibetian Buddhist lamastry and is now consecrated to service to the Order of Universal Interfaith and its communities. It is located in shadow of Thunder Mountain and massive sandstone formations that surround the city. Appropriately, all ceremonies began with a leading of the blessings to the four directions by a representative of the Navajo tribe, Vida Khow. She then smudged all who wished to participate with a smoldering sage and feather wand for purity before their rites of initiation. The CMH ceremony began with read words from its Administrator, Dr. Kurt Johnson, and Robert Perry, a leader from the “Course in Miracles” tradition. Three speakers than gave short talks on InterSpirituality. First was Rev. (Rabbi) Rami Shapiro OUnI who described his experiences with Brother Wayne Teasdale as a teacher and mentor. Second was Rev. Barbara Mayer, distinguished local author from Sedona, who talked from her book, Beyond Religion. The third speaker was Rev. Richard Hooper, OUnI, who is well known for his publication of spiritual books and as an early pioneer in interfaith work. Finally, after the reading of the nine vows by the celebrant leader, all who traveled to become part of The Community joined locals answering their hearts at the moment to become members as well. It was a spiritual moment when together all recited the vows and tied the cord binding them to their words.


Sedona has a reputation as one of America’s most “sacred sites.” While the Native Americans considered this valley amongst the tall standing sandstone formations a sacred place, it was only in the 1950’s that the “vortex energy” became associated with the small town of orchards and vacationing Hollywood residents. With the fading of the sun and the call of coyotes in the background, the Community of The Mystic Heart added its own stamp of sacredness to the place and those there were forever changed in heart and spirit.


Sedona Ceremony

Left to right: New members sight-seeing in Sedona’s “Valley of Enchantment”; Navajo ceremonialist Vida Khow and speaker Rev. Barbara Mayer at the ceremonial altar; a Buddhist “stupa” typifies the many religious communities located in the famous “energy vortex” of Sedona.


Sedona, Arizona, panoramic


November 6, 2011

Fifth Induction Ceremony

November 6, 2011

for New Members, Renewals of Vows, Ordinations and Personal Covenants
CMH’s Membership Grew to 270
90 CMH members gathered, in person or by long distance; 20 new members were initiated; 25 celebrated their first CMH ceremonies; 35 members renewed vows or entered into Personal Covenants
CMH awards it first Diane Dunn and Christer Lundin Recognitions



Members gather in the Ceremonial Hall of Integral Yoga Institute



Ceremonial Space, Welcome by Rev. Tim Miner of OUnI and Dr. Kurt Johnson of CMH



Rev. Diane Berke Ceremonial speaks on Brother Wayne and CMH; Rev. Tim Miner and Rev. Tom Downes greet new members; Rev. Mudra Lipari, Rabbi Burt Sigel and Episcopal priest-ordinee Matthew Wrigh



Initiation of New Members; Blessing of New Members by Wisdom Keeper Dorothy Cunha



OUnI Ordinations (Ordinee Michael Klein confers ordination on Wisdom Keeper Ronit Singer, represented by Dr. Kurt Johnson and Michele Levitt); the Ceremonial Mesa


Boat Dock Retreat House 20150606

Boat Dock Road Retreat in Somerset, KY is the site of “The Nine Elements of Mature Interspirituality” Retreat scheduled for April 29- May 1, 2016. Dr. Kurt Johnson and Mirabai Starr are to join Sw. Shraddhananda as the retreat’s lead teachers.


Slate Branch Ashram, located near Boat Dock Road Retreat in the beautiful Lake Cumberland Valley, is the mother ashram for the Community of the Mystic Heart.

Ma Shanti aka Lynda Terry, founder of the Vessels of Peace, plans to open the CMH Yellow Springs Retreat House & Hermitage in Yellow Springs, OH in Spring 2016.
Ma Shanti aka Lynda Terry, founder of the Vessels of Peace, plans
to open the CMH Yellow Springs Retreat House & Hermitage in Yellow
Springs, OH in Spring 2016.
Yeshuananda aka Fr. Giles Spoonhour,co- founder of The New Seminary, intends to start a CMH-Sacred Feet Yoga group in the Hudson River Valley of New York after he is ordained as a Sacred Feet Acharya in April 2016.
Yeshuananda aka Fr. Giles Spoonhour,co- founder of The New Seminary, intends to start a CMH-Sacred Feet
Yoga group in the Hudson River Valley of New York after he is ordained as a Sacred Feet Acharya in April 2016.